Revolutionary Universal Sustainability Performance Rating Methodology

The universal sustainability performance rating methodology, Galileo’s Eye, was developed to produce a comprehensive, unbiased scientific rating that takes into account all resources and all emissions for a product, service, or a community of systems, of any size or complexity. All other sustainable rating methodologies evaluate sustainability performance on a piecemeal, isolated basis by addressing only single resource or emission or a small group of resources and/or emissions.

Overall Long Term Objectives

The overall long term objective is to develop universal sustainability performance rating apps for mobile phones and computers to empower you and everyone in every community to make unbiased informed decisions about supporting government policies, purchasing goods and services, and investing in companies.

The apps will allow you to assign relative priorities to each resource and emission according to your preference.

Sustainability Performance Rating Apps

Proven Methodology

A revolutionary new sustainability performance assessment methodology has been applied to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota.

Preliminary Sustainability Rating of Minnesota

The objectives are to do a preliminary sustainability assessment of the State of Minnesota, develop cost and scope for a more detailed assessment, and develop community sustainability rating app.

Detailed Sustainability Rating of Minnesota

The objectives are to conduct and publish large scale sustainability assessment of State of Minnesota resources and emissions and develop community systems sustainability activism app.

Software Development

The objective is to develop a suite of sustainability rating apps for communities, goods & services. Investing in companies, and government policies.